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Career Placement
Career Placement
Steady employment & financial security are at the core of addiction recovery. PROACT provides the resources and support necessary to help individual in recovery re-enter the workforce through Marshall Health’s Creating Opportunities for Recovery Employment (CORE) initiative.

CORE helps individuals focus on a career path, rather than a job. Our employment specialists provide:

  • a career readiness assessment
  • job search/interview/resume/letter writing advice
  • job training and job placement assistance
  • educational placement

Our specially-trained employment specialists take a comprehensive, individualized approach to assess, prepare and support individuals in recovery as they seek and attain employment and/or education. CORE also connects individuals with training and financial aid opportunities in their community.

CORE relies on referrals from our therapists at PROACT and other partner treatment sites.

PROACT works alongside public and private employers and workforce development entities to assist individuals with a broad range of career interests. Job placement is never guaranteed but is a vital component of the PROACT process.