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Access to Recovery Fund

Access to Recovery Fund

Every individual ready to begin their journey toward recovery is welcome at PROACT, regardless of ability to pay.

Treatment for substance use disorder, however, comes at a cost. Therapy, medication and physician services are billed to insurance providers for those who have insurance coverage. Others services, like employment assistance, family support services and spiritual care, are provided by PROACT through grants, donor contributions and our operating budget as a service to our community at no cost to the patient.

Our team guides uninsured patients through the process of applying for Medicaid coverage. Still, some remain uninsured or underinsured. These are the individuals who benefit most from PROACT’s Access to Recovery Fund. By leveraging private contributions, PROACT is able to offset the cost of services provided to these patients over the course of their treatment and thereby serve more individuals in need.

Addiction care and treatment varies from patient to patient. Many engage weekly for months or years until they enter active recovery. We know that, in general, uninsured individuals use less health care overall than their insured counterparts, and with so many other barriers to recovery, PROACT does not want inability to pay for services to be one of them. In 2020-2021, PROACT provided more than $160,000 in uncompensated care. As PROACT continues to grow, we expect to see this number climb. Your support of the Access to Recovery Fund will not only benefit our patients now but will continue to help move the mission of PROACT forward for many years to come.